Born 1990. Lives and works in Prague.

My field of interest are the connections of spatial objects with motion picture, sound-scape and digital reality. I am considering this as artistic research of qualities of space and time. In my view art is a language. I am exploring its possibilities as such, because I believe that they can provide insight into the structure of the language and experience itself. On the other end I am considering art as political in nature. In my art practice I am reaching political by questioning individual policies and individual experiences of space and time. In my practice I aim for exploration into collective situations, digital landscapes, and transmission of individual experiences. 
The result is a defocused research of social time and space. I am understanding art as free activity on border between  constructed reality, meta-politics, language and philosophy. The aim of my work is to subvert individual opinions and practices. I am working on the basis of expanded timeline of children born in the 1990s: television, authority, games, peripherals, internet, automation, AI, life after work and super-intelligence.
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